Out of the Pit

by Evil Roda


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Political Kabuki Theatre, May 18, 2011
by AmberShards (The Gothic South)

The intro and the first few rooms of this game are amazing, as it describes a world that exists only as hateful fantasy. "No rhyme or reason"? Uhm, that doesn't make sense. No-one bothers to go to the effort to track, arrest, and imprison someone on a whim; every action has a reason.

Curiously, the author reveals virtually nothing about the main character. That arouses natural sympathy in the player's breast, but I find it disingenuous and cowardly. The backdrop is the war on terror; the character begins by escaping a cell; and the prison is apparently a "rendition" facility (no, the character is not Pvt Manning). The main character is most likely a jihadist Muslim. So the odds are on whatever he was doing having something to do with murdering a lot of people.

"How will they know that you're telling the truth?" If the implication holds, the author demonstrates shocking ignorance of "taqqiya" -- the deception of your enemy if it preserves your life or advances the cause of Islam. This is a common tool in the jihadist toolbox.

"Low value" does not mean "not part of anything," as the author suggests, revealing her ignorance of intel. "Low value" means "not likely to yield actionable evidence". Beyond that, the game offers up another unrealistic scenario: the government knew they couldn't get anything from the prisoner, but kept him anyways? That simply wouldn't be done -- unless you're inclined to believe the stories told by taqqiya-mouthing jihadists. By this point, I'm laughing. Really, how can you make a game where you know nothing about the world you're trying to model?

The information that you find about the procedures apparently is so controversial that it will prove your innocence. And this information is about...wait for it...the PrOcEdUrEs. Hurry, someone call the ACLU. They'll get right on those panties on your head and other forms of psychological fake-out marketed as "torture"!

For further evidence that the main character is a jihadist -- or possibly, an anarchist, try examining the corpses; both place the same low value upon human life. Here Out of the Pit edges up to eliminationist rhetoric.

As you keep going, you find misspellings and the usual purple prose (consider the laptop and its pieces). There is no challenge from a puzzle perspective, either. The single puzzle is painfully easy to solve, and escaping the prison is also mindless, requiring just the ability to type compass directions.

For a game that presumes to be deadly serious, Out of the Pit fails catastrophically. It's political kabuki theatre.

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penguincascadia, February 26, 2016 - Reply
Err, the Pentagon itself acknowledges that a lot of people picked up by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. And multiple government panels have concluded that some military and CIA personnel did use torture on innocent people, and the "enhanced interrogation" techniques were torture. Just ask John McCain and Ted Cruz- McCain was tortured by a Communist regime, and Cruz's dad was, so they certainly would be able to tell. And they agree that torture did happen, and it was bad. Torture also doesn't work:



"No rhyme or reason" makes sense, as a lot of the released prisoners that were innocent say that was what they felt when they were first arrested. And again, a lot of the people arrested were innocent, so the main character is most likely not a jihadist. The U.S military has also kept low value prisoners before for a very long time. So, AmberShards is definitely blind to the reality on the ground. We can't effectively fight the war on terror if we violate human rights in the process. That just makes us like the terrorists, and they will alienate people and what was one of the many things that lead to the rise of ISIS. Let's be better then the terrorists, and fight them without stooping to their level.
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