Old Jim's Convenience Store

by Anssi Räisänen

Slice of life

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Simple, but enjoyable, August 8, 2020
by Jason Lautzenheiser (Navarre, Ohio)

I really like these style of games. I'm partial to the treasure hunt style of games. Give me some puzzles to solve, some treasure to find, and at least some sort of story bringing it all together and I'm perfectly happy. This game is just that. Took me about 20 minutes to finish and I only got slightly stuck once mostly because I had to guess the verb in a few places. Other than that, just a few minor grammatical issues were found.

Although there were a few cases where a few more verbs could have been used to ease some of the guessing, it still appears to be a pretty solidly coded game. One nice feature was it remembered solutions to puzzles when you had to perform them again, thus removing some of the monotony of going back and forth a few times (once my own fault when I failed to pick up a needed item early in the game.)

Overall a nice fun little adventure, just the kind that I enjoy.