Snowblind Aces

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an enjoyable flight, though not without turbulence, June 10, 2008
by perching path (near Philadelphia, PA, US)

The setting and the nature of the interaction are both novel to the form and aimed straight at my brain. WWI-era technology, one-eyed aces, snow-covered wilderness, and difficult romance between fierce rivals? These are what I dream about, and Pacian does them quite a bit of justice.

More technically, the passage-by-passage quality of the prose was mostly sufficient to overcome the piece's structural (especially pacing) weaknesses.
The characterization of the protagonist inhabits a middle ground between a fully defined person and a shell for the user. This works well in some genres, but it's slightly awkward in a game as personality- (and conversation-) driven as this one. The talk is rather one-sided, and the NPC's emotions seem less justified for lack of a worthy target. This could be largely overcome by making the conversational options more symmetrical, by which I mean writing responses for "tell X" analogous to those already written for "ask X", although this risks making the conversation overly mechanical if carried out poorly. (Such a modification might also increase the perceived "challenge" of changing the relationship between the characters, which I agree would be an improvement.)

Don't let these problems put you off, though: like those of the protagonists of Aces, my attacks are made with admiration. Forget my criticisms and get in your plane.