"Do Not Meddle"

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Nice introduction but..., July 9, 2017

that's about it. There was very little to do and if it wasn't so painfully short, you would get bored of it very quickly (mind you, neither there being little to do nor the story being short in length are good things). I played through a handful of times thinking "that can't be the end! I must have missed something!" but this was hopeful thinking. Each play through lasted a matter of a minute or two, and when I realized I could just wait for about 30 in-game minutes and end the game (which, as you'd imagine, only took a few seconds) that pretty much ruined any chance of me playing this again even if it were expanded upon in the future. Though the game's intro was better written than my review is, I spent more time writing this than playing several play-throughs of the game, and that's just disappointing...