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Therapeutic Minimalism in a Surreal World , October 2, 2017

One of the most unusual aspects of this game is that it gives you just enough detail to create a world full of startling clarity--because you're imagining it. If you are not someone who thinks in images, or who is easily able to exist in an alternate word with alternate world usage (see what I did there) then this game will be fairly difficult.

As it was, it was still a bit difficult for me, because I am new to the genre--that being said, it was the perfect game to draw me in. This kind of surrealism, subtle reference to famous philosophers, and unusual syntax made for a therapeutic game play at once both frustrating and delicate, stunning and hopeful.

The crescendo at the end, how the game seemed to speed up on me, had me literally yelling out loud gleefully, completely immersed. It felt like I had gone on some kind of spiritual path, some type of walkabout, maybe just in my mind--it was really profound. I find myself very interested in how games like this could be used for therapeutic purposes--as I experienced the game to be deeply personal yet removed enough to be safe--and nonspecific enough to let the player fill in their own metaphors.

Honestly, no real words of criticism from this newcomer--perhaps just--this game will really, really work for some people, and it really won't for others who are more linear in thinking. I had to use some hints to finish it, but it was well worth it. Grateful for the experience.

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