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The snakes were high on this one, January 30, 2011
by Aintelligence (Canada)

Sometimes pre-judging games is an ok thing, like I did with this one. The generic title 'snake' and the minimal description was faily bland to say the least. However, the site this is off of has a four and a half star rating to it, so I decided to give it a try. The reason it had the large star rating I think was due to the code-not the game.

Ok so the story takes place in a castle where a giant green snake has destroyed your kingdom. Well, that part was original. However the story afterwards can hardly even be considered a story at all. It involves just trudging around the castle doing various 'puzzles', and trying to find the infamous green snake. Not surprisingly it is very straight forward. There are few objects, even fewer 'examine' commands, and the puzzles are just a little bit unfitting. For one thing, you die if you do any of the puzzles the wrong way. I'll admit that the deaths are very amusing largely due to the pure randomness of their nature. You'll be asking yourself, " how can you die like that?". Furthermore, the puzzles are very unfitting for the setting. Most of them are just guessing games, but there are a few which need to be (ever so briefly) thought out.

It's almost a good thing this game is so short with only a few rooms. The beginner may like it, or it may drive them from ever playing if again.

(Spoiler - click to show) if you do play it, try to find the secret passage

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