Moments Out of Time: RENEGADE Type

by L. Ross Raszewski

Episode 2 of Moments Out of Time
Time Travel

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Some problems, August 22, 2009

My problems with this game are the same as my problems with the first game. Interface. For example, the first thing I noticed upon entering the game was that I was in a room filled with stuff. The second thing I noticed was that 'get all' didn't work. I had to pick each thing up by hand. Eventually, I figured out that I was supposed to type 'get all from desk', as the items were on top of the desk, but this sort of finnicky language is what my major gripe with the first game was, where the majority of the puzzles revolved around trying to figure out which of a large number of keys went into a large number of doors, without any way for the game to keep track of that for you.

This game starts off mostly assuming you've played the first. Your a rogue time agent of some sort in part of the facility from the first game. That is all you really know. Its implied that your about to go back in time, but how you plan to do this isn't told to you. Which is a shame, because you have a short time limit on how to do it. I don't think it was meant as a puzzle, all you have to do is jump into a specific area close by, but you have to specifically type jump. Going down into it or any other command won't work.

Upon jumping, your thrown into your own personal mission. Its not hard to find out why your character jumped there, and your given a sidekick and a bit more direction. The sidekick however, is also hard to use. The game tells you it has something to say on occasion, rather then having it say it. I have yet to figure out what specific command will allow you to actually hear what it has to say, and the game's help files are rather lacking. This is made more confusing because sometimes the sidekick will actually talk, instead of the game telling you what she has to say. I also get constant messages, every other action or so, repeating "Julia's chip has gone dark", sometimes twice in a row, every other turn.

I don't know. I think this could be a good game, but it needs polish, perhaps more in-game instructions, and more out of game information on the commands wouldn't hurt, either.

- fastfinge (Toronto, Canada), January 4, 2008

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