Burn the Koran and Die

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Finally, an authentic self-pity simulator!, March 29, 2012
by Pinstripe (Chicago, Illinois)

You are in a college library, there are five holy books, one of which is a Koran, and some Muslims who operate with a hive mind. If you burn the Koran, the Muslims kill you. If you burn the other books, they cheer you on.

The game is fraught with self pity. Examining yourself brings the description (Spoiler - click to show)"You are the epitome of evil: a white male. The only way to be lower in the social order would be to be rich or to buy into horrible ideas of equality under the law and other such nonsense created by dead white males." Every so often an androgynous policeperson will come in and take notes on you. Apparently, being white is a "campus diversity violation."

The "Thanks" section of the About file gives props to Jesus for "a spiritual empire not dependent on slavery, theft, lust, or murder."

But of course, it's satire, it's supposed to be outrageous, isn't it? But none of this is outrageous. These are all existing stereotypes, many of which still powerful and widely believed, blown up slightly further than usual. "Burn the Koran" is a failure at satire which isn't funny, or insightful, or incisive, or subtle, or much of anything, really. It's barely even IF.