Burn the Koran and Die

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ugh, but would be improved by my totally awesome revision suggested below, November 29, 2010
by Jeremy Freese (Evanston, IL)

(About 3 minutes to play.) This game is a political satire in which you are an oppressed white male trapped on a college campus with several religious books and a lighter. The title indicates what happens when you burn one of them; the fate of what happens with the others represents the perceived moral inconsistency that is the basic satirical content of the game.

Not consistent with my politics, experience on college campuses, or experience with individuals of Islamic faith, but the author does deserve praise for using the interactive fiction form toward conveying a larger social message, which is surprisingly rare given the possibilities of the medium.

Still, here is what I would have loved to see from this particular author in this game: a "xyzzy" command that, when implemented, changed the setting from a college campus and the title from "Burn the Koran and You Die" to having the setting be a secret cabal convention of the IF Old Ones and the title be "Criticize Inform 7 and You Die." Please, implement this.

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Christina Nordlander, April 14, 2013 - Reply
Your revision is totally awesome. If it were implemented, it would make this game worthwhile.
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