Invisible Parties

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An innovative game set in a tangle of worlds, June 3, 2016

Invisible Parties is the best known shufflecomp game, and an xyzzy nominee for best setting. And what a setting it has!

It is set in a tangle of worlds, which in practice is a 3x3 grid (at first) of scenes, where each scene is a party in a different world. You change as you travel between worlds, and much else does as well. The parties chosen are vivid and varied: miserable office parties, funerals, feasts, and so on.

The inventory system is highly unusual as well: you carry powers, instead of items. The powers are things like Art Critic and troublemaker, and provide some highly amusing or interesting responses depending on the location.

The plot slowly unravels, and this is where I had the most trouble. Knowing what to do next was hard, due to the conventions breaking nature of the game. I quickly reached a bad ending without knowing what to do not get a good one. I looked at the source code a bit, and that gave me some ideas for going back and trying again. I did, and I enjoyed it quite a bit the second time.

As a final note, this game contains an above-average amount of profanity. I stopped playing because of it a few times, and I'm not sure I'll play it again. For those who aren't troubled by profanity, I would strongly recommend this game.