Invisible Parties

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Fun multiple dimension game!, January 9, 2015
by Chai Hai (Kansas City KS)

This was really fun! You're a dimension hopping being is the best way to describe it. Someone has made a puzzle out of different realities with the purpose of breaking up you and your love, Jave. Can you use your gifts to find her and escape?

Various parties are set in various worlds. Easily the best part.I loved seeing where you ended up and nomming various things from different parties.

The game starts off without any real direction, you're just plopped into a world of worlds just knowing you have to find Jave. That's alright, but there should've been a brief introduction on gifts. You don't even know you have them when you first start.

Neverless, the game is fun, manipulating the people just right is amusing. Could've used more backstory, but it's still great. Bravo!