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Message distressingly off-base, July 7, 2010

As a game, this is well-executed by not particularly interesting. It's not very interactive and the environment can be a bit confusing. After reading the "About" file, it made a great deal more sense. Most of the plot captures the writer's intention beautifully, but my big one-star-worthy problem was in the ending. Idealistically, sure, it's really sweet. But if someone actually did anything like that it would be self-defeating and creepy.

(Spoiler - click to show)In order to fully win the game you need to hug the other shy person at the meeting. Given that she isn't named or otherwise described in familiar terms, you don't seem to know her. I also have some social anxiety issues, not even nearly as bad as depicted in the game, and if someone I didn't know walked up and hugged me, instead of being all happy and comforted, I would panic and never attend the meeting again. It's slightly less creepy if we assume "you" are female, but how about making the winning conditions something a little less harassing, like greeting her with a smile, or even shaking her hand? I know this is probably me reading more into it than is actually there, but seriously, don't touch the anxious people unless they've explicitly said it's ok. *twitch*

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