Chapter Zero: Welcome to Cicada Creek

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I wish the other chapters were completed, November 8, 2013
by Jason Lautzenheiser (Navarre, Ohio)

I really enjoyed this one. The atmosphere in this was well done and surprisingly creepy. There was actually one spot where I actually jumped a little. (Spoiler - click to show)Look at the TV in the one room where it's on. The parser was well done too, there were very few times where I was searching for the correct word and many of the words I tried had at least some response. I actually tried breaking the parser to try find some flaws and found very few.

It's truly a shame these weren't completed as I really want to see what happens next. Only reason I gave it four stars is because it is very short and though I want more, I'm left hanging.

Nice job, perhaps the author will come back someday and finish this series.

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Hanon Ondricek, September 15, 2013 - Reply
I agree! This was really done well and leaves me hanging for more.

How far were you able to get: I (Spoiler - click to show)got into every room except 5, and climbed the ladder to see in but the PC won't go in. I ground up (??) several keys in the box in the office. I didn't get into the fridge nor the back room in the office.
Jason Lautzenheiser, September 16, 2013 - Reply
(Spoiler - click to show)You never need to go in room 5, the key for room 5 can be found when up the ladder by the window.
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