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Devoid of math, plot, or technical achievement, January 24, 2013
by jackbishop (Louisville, KY)

I want the 10 minutes I spent on this back. It has basically nothing in common with a text adventure, having exactly one room with an unimplemented description, one object which only responds to a single verb, and two not very difficult arithmetic problems. Well, actually, I lie. The first one's insanely difficult, because it's not actually coded right, and there is no feedback on the incorrect ways to enter answers (namely, you're supposed to just type a four-digit number at the prompt, and if you get a parser error, that means you typed in the wrong one). But that doesn't nhelp much since the only sensible answer to the given problem is wrong, which I discovered only by pulling the XML data out of the quest data file. In "easy" mode, the answer is (Spoiler - click to show)not 4843, as you might reasonably expect, but 4834. In "cruel" mode (inconsistently called "hard" in the game proper), the answer is (Spoiler - click to show)9943, even though the first clue is incomplete and the second doesn't give 9.

So, yeah, broken as written, and not possessed of any particularly IF-like qualities, or any serious mathematical challenge. Not really worth anyone's time.