The Anachronist

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Difficult, but rewarding, February 21, 2017

The Anachronist demands quite a bit of the reader. Long passages require patience, and one must be prepared to treat this more as a book than a game. Not recommended to play in one sitting. However, Levine is a skilled and knowledgeable writer, and the experience is rewarding.

The Anachronist is set in the 16th century, and Levine provides plenty of illustrations and quotations to immerse the reader in that world. Levine does an excellent job of thinking in the 16th century logic of his characters.

My one small gripe is that the narrative voice is sometimes inconsistent. While most sentences sound 'literary', others are surprisingly straightforward, closer to spoken English. Perhaps this was intentional, as the casual sentences feel anachronistic, but it felt more like the narrator accidentally falling out of character. However, the simpler sentences do make the story easier to read.

It's clear that an incredible amount of work and research has gone into this story, and it deserves much more attention.