Entrancing Sin

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You weren't kidding about nasty..., November 2, 2015
by Sounder1995 (Pennyslvania, United States)

You weren't kidding about nasty... The game is incredibly unforgiving and will punish you for the slightest error. Worse, unless there's more than one way to win the game, there's a lot of red herrings as well. Fortunately, this all makes winning the game very rewarding, & the trial-&-error method does force you to learn & is reminiscent of much older, harder games. The writing is usually well done where it counts (you know what I mean). Unfortunately, variation in character actions & responses is a bit lacking, & there are no hints, so it can pretty difficult @ times simply figuring out what to do. Also, the good ending felt cut short a bit. Overall, though, still a very good, though punishing, game & well worth your time (though probably not so for homosexuals).