Lady Thalia and the Masterpiece of Moldavia

by E. Joyce profile and N. Cormier profile

Episode 3 of Lady Thalia
Humor, Crime, Historical

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Mostly masterful, June 22, 2023

A briskly paced and light-hearted heist story, Moldavia isnít quite a masterpiece, but itís a lot of fun. I appreciated the change-ups in gameplay from scene to scene as well as the playful, mostly failure-proof way of advancing the story while still making you feel the stakes of your decisions. I thought the conversations were especially engaging, with enough little twists to keep it fresh.

I suppose that my main reservation is with the characters and their motivations. Thereís a jibe in the text about crimes committed by bored aristocrats, and at the end of the day, while there seems to be something like character growth over the course of the story, itís hard not to feel that most decisions, including the theft itself, are made mostly arbitrarily by people who have little underlying goals in life. But thatís probably more of a criticism of the genre than the game itself.

Still, a lot of care went into this one, and I broadly enjoyed it throughout.

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