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This game is buggy, November 21, 2022
by Draconis
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This is a work that Iím not quite sure how to describe. Itís a very short parser game written in Inform 7, and itís quick to playóusually over in just a couple of turns. Youíre riding in a buggy (as in the type of cart), in pursuit of a mysterious foe.

I recommend playing it, because itís hard to say much more than that without spoiling its central conceit. So go do that first. Or, if you donít care about spoilers:

(Spoiler - click to show)The core of this game is puns. The game is buggy, in the sense that itís got (intentional) typos and also in the sense that thatís what youíre riding. Youíre as good-looking as Ever (your brother Everett), and you can jump on the spot fruitfully (catching a branch of crab-apples). You think thereís a Suchthing around, but you canít quite see it. The fourth wall is thin here, and every message the parser produces is also happening in the world itself.

This is another short game, where getting an ending takes only a couple turns but there are plenty of different endings to find, and I think thatís the right structure for itóits brand of surrealness would get old if it were drawn out much further. Though I do wish I could eventually find out what weíre pursuing.

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