Monkey Business

by Benjamin Sokal profile

Simian Horror

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- E.K., September 11, 2012

- liz73 (Cornwall, New York), July 6, 2012

- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), July 4, 2012

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Creepy but extremely incomplete, June 18, 2012
by Emily Short
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Monkey Business concerns a monkey on the receiving end of some simian psychology experiments. It's extremely incomplete: there are a couple of brief scenes establishing your problem and then a "to be continued" message.

What's there is solid enough, but there isn't really very much to do; the one semi-puzzle could be solved entirely by accident. This puts the game on the short side even compared with other deliberately-incomplete works such as games entered in Introcomp.

If there's a longer version of this game eventually, I might be interested to see where it goes, but the introduction as it stands is not a very substantial play experience, which is the reason I'm not scoring it higher.

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