The Elysium Enigma

by Eric Eve profile

Science Fiction

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Nice and enjoyable game, June 9, 2008
by Seren (Paris, France)

The puzzles are not too hard, the solutions are logical and there is a nice flow to the unfolding of the story. Definitely worth of my time.

The settings might sound a bit cliché but works well, it reminded me of some Asimov's novels, 'The Naked Sun' or maybe the 'Foundation' serie. There is a distinctively old-school sci-fi aspect to the game.

Technically, I found the game flawless : there was no dead-end, the built-in hint system was really nice and I really liked the conversation system.
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Regarding the plot (and the title), maybe I missed something, but I was a bit disappointed that the planet hadn't some sort of secret itself. At one point I even thought that the Elders had manipulated both the Imperial and Federation spies to hide something bigger.

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