The Elysium Enigma

by Eric Eve profile

Science Fiction

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Sci-fi meet Amish, March 14, 2011

Im fairly new to Interactive Fiction. Sure, Ive tried Zork and a few other Infocom titles in the past. I grew up with the C64 and Amiga, so I remember trying those games back then. Im Norwegian, so although I could tell these games to be exciting, my english wasnt good enough yet to have any fun with them.

I think I was pretty lucky to try The Elysium Enigma as my first modern IF game. I love the Firefly series, which I think might have been an inspiration for this game.

The game has a dystopian mood almost among the lines of The Road (movie/book), and a grand mystery to unravel.

Its a very compact world for a text adventure. And I like that. I never felt the need to note down a map, and the puzzles were never too taxing.

Im reccomending this game to my friends. Even those that have never tried IFs before.