Jarod's Journey

by Tim Emmerich


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Good Fiction, but Not Enough Interactive, December 23, 2015

Most people who've reviewed Jarod's Journey talk about how "it doesn't have any puzzles" or "it's too religious". As a Christian myself, I find Jarod's journey to have an almost-decent story (what little there is). I'm just wishing that the game were more Interactive. Oh, sure, there's a bit of interactivity. (Spoiler - click to show)("Ok, Jarod can go to city #1, or city #2, or city #3. Then, Jarod can do this, this, or this. When Jarod leavs the city, he has to figure out what God was trying to teach him. That's all, folks!") Had this been a short story, it would've been of average quality; as an IF game, it just doesn't work.