Who Among Us

by Tia Orisney


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An entertaining Twine take on And Then There Were None set in Russia, February 3, 2016

This is the third Tia Orisney game I have tried. I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie and Alistair Maclean, and this game was a great homage to them.

Set in Russia, you are a thief coming to pick up your stash. You meet a cast of 10 characters, and deaths start to happen.

The game is in Twine. Most paths are identical in result, but the game feels very interactive because the choices feel REALLY important (e.g. do you attack someone or team up with them?)

Orisney's games are their own genre, closer to old CYOA books, and in that genre they are superb. This game has more rough edges than Following Me or Kane County, though. The warden is called WARD once, some notes slipped into the text (something like "click snd choice to continue"), "brake" is mispelled as "break". Also, the plot has a few big holes in it, but most murder mysteries do.

Overall, the rough edges were made up for by the great story. I may come back and play this again in the future just for fun. I'd read a book by Orisney for sure.