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Love is a lot like a dungeon , July 8, 2024

Turandot. Oh! Turandot! What is not to love about thee? Your delicate prose dances across the page like a world-class ballerina. Your enormous… adjectives, tempt even the most chaste of readers. Your delicious humor tastes as sweet as cotton candy! No, wait, that would be all sugar and no substance! Your humor is more like chocolate, a bit bitter at first, but a love affair guaranteed to end in tragic over-indulgence! Turandot. My time with you was short, but oh, so sweet. Dearest fans of IF, if you cannot tell, I am smitten by this lovely work of fiction. I dare say, it might stay on my mind for weeks, months, even years? Such a story of love, hate, death, redemption… I shall not reveal more, a gentleman never tells.

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