We are coming to get you!

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Under implemented but with an interesting premise , July 4, 2010

I tend to be wary of ADRIFT games, because of the many parser imperfections and glitches that often come with them. But once in a while there comes an ADRIFT game that turns the stereotypes associated with ADRIFT games on their heads. This is not that game.

We are coming to get you! has a host of parser confusion and crudely implemented actions that take a lot of the enjoyment out of being a germ bent on infecting an unsuspecting human. And thatís a pity, because I actually liked this premise and I think that there is a lot of potential here for a great game. Itís a neat, original idea that just happened to be under implemented. The puzzles are all extremely linear, but great for IF beginners. If said beginners can get past the sparse environment, We are coming to get you! can become a good learning tool for those new to IF.

Some of the descriptions are just a little nauseating, but one would expect that since the PC is a germ. I didnít mind playing through this game (which should take you no longer than three minutes) and I would like to see more from the author.