The Horror of Rylvania

by D. A. Leary


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One of the greatest text adventures ever, September 26, 2011
by frsh

This is the way it should always be done. The atmosphere is never ruined by silly inside jokes or pseudo intellectual political statements. The atmosphere is just perfect. Once you get to the castle it feels a lot like Shadowgate but with more interaction with NPCs (Spoiler - click to show)when the doctor is chasing you your pulse really rises. It has a time limit (Spoiler - click to show)once you become a vampire you may die of hunger. Some items in the castle are completely useless so you are not likely to finish the game on the first or second run without some experimentation. You have to write lots of notes and that's part of the greatness of this game. It never gets boring thanks to the awesome story and the flawless atmosphere. There are only a couple of references to Looney Tunes, Tin Tin and other stuff that never break the atmosphere.
Play it. And do not use a walkthrough. Part of the enjoyment is to figure stuff out by yourself writing notes. You don't want to finish it in 45 minutes (totally possible with a walkthrough, since the game is not terribly long).