So Reality

by Kenya Miller

Slice of life

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If You Decide to Make a Game and Get Bored While Doing It..., January 5, 2011
by AmberShards (The Gothic South)

Reading the description of the game, I wasn't sure if So Reality was trying to be cute, the author's native language wasn't English, or she got bored while making the game. I was hoping for "cute". I got "got bored while making the game".

The game itself uses the same style of writing (that is to say, run-on sentences galore), with bare-bones implementation, and a distressing lack of capitalization. It feels like a hand-me-down. Things don't fit, don't make sense, and are there just because they are.

The first puzzle (perhaps the only puzzle) involves (Spoiler - click to show)apparently a deaf-mute maid who "grabbs" you. I think the author meant for us to keep trying random verbs until we found one that worked, as neither you, the maid, nor the kitchen has any meaningful description.

So Reality proved to be neither witty enough nor enough of a train wreck to hold my interest.

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