Six Stories

by Neil K. Guy


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A treasure trove of non-interactive short stories with one puzzle, February 3, 2016

Six Stories is an interesting game. I came across it because it did will in 1999 IFComp.

Six Stories was notable at the time for using sound and graphics as an integral part of the game. The game contains six short stories, which are narrated (I had to use HTML TADS, and download the sound files with the non-bundled game. The bundled game didn't play the sound). The graphics are mainly backdrops.

I enjoyed the short stories. There is a brief sequence before hearing them, and then one short puzzle after hearing them. The imagery in the game is imaginative and enjoyable.

If you enjoy fables/fairytales, you will enjoy this game.

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Should be played with multimedia, June 6, 2013
by Andromache (Hawaii)

Sadly, I couldn't get the full experience of this game. As a blind player using a Mac, I'm severely limited in the interpreters I can use. As a result, I had to play this with no sound. Maybe the game would have been more immersive with it.

There were some frustrating error messages about not being able to exit buildings because I was already outside, and I actually needed the walkthrough because I got stuck on the one puzzle in the game. I knew what I was supposed to do but had no idea how to accomplish it with the items I had. I think it could have been better clued.

It was also tough to suspend enough disbelief to swallow the story. The characters and settings were cute, but I wanted to interact more with them. You can't really explore or talk, and I didn't really see the point of what happened.

Don't think the game is worth looking at if you can't see graphics or play sounds, but if you can, I didn't find any critical bugs and the game is pretty short. Some neat customization options and the parser is probably the most polite one I've ever encountered thus far. The game is nice, light entertainment. I probably won't remember much about it in terms of emotional impact or excellence in scenery/imagery, but worth looking at if you have a spare hour and multimedia capability.

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Good Example of HTML TADS, December 5, 2008
by tadsPro (Oklahoma)

When i read the story line i said "it was ok" but when i started playing the game i was "amused" the way the author used multimedia features. The game play is not as good as Ditch Day Drifter(my favourite) but it will keep you busy and enjoy the graphics as you play. I personally recommend this game to any one who wants to know about HTML TADS because this game shows a real good example of the features of HTML TADS.

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