by Magnus Olsson

Cave crawl

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An enjoyable short romp in the darhkness. Beautiful writing, February 3, 2016

This is a shortish game with the almost unique trick of placing a lot of gameplay in darkness in a cave. The only similar game I can think of is Hunter in Darkness or parts of So Far.

You are searching for a magical crystal in an underground cavern. The rest of the story is mainly atmosphere, and it works well. This game was nominated for an XYZZY for best writing, and deserves it.

Overall, a short, simple game, with at least 3 endings depending on your final actions.

Recommended for its fun-to-length ratio.

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namekuseijin, January 26, 2016 - Reply
yes, very short. it may very well need a replay because you'll likely get the bad ending first.

anyway, no, I don't think it deserves any credit for the writing. It's just your usual adventurer fantasy and the sparse prose is pretty pedestrian.

the first IF I actually completed many, many years ago was Olsson's Zebulon and I only found it amazing back then because I didn't know any better.

today, I believe that author may have played a bit too much Spider and Web...
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