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Great, folksy writing with fairly standard puzzles, February 4, 2016

Hoosegow's writing is a delight. In this straightforward but slightly difficult one-room escape game, you play a reluctant outlaw with his silly buddy and a drunken pastor trying to get out of a jail cell.

All of the standard messages have been changed to be folksy and homelike. The writing is just great, if you're into hometown western stuff.

The puzzles did not inspire me. It's one of the large class of puzzle games where one or two of the puzzles are unfair, and you could play forever and then give up. It's rare to find a game where the challenges are difficult but fair.

I recommend this game, and very strongly recommend it for group play, to get through the puzzles and have fun reading the responses.

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namekuseijin, February 1, 2016 - Reply
what? puzzles were very fair and clued. Implementation is incredibly polished and I don't think you can ever get into some unwinable state.

I love this one. So packed full of great writing and puzzles. Even if you are stuck, there's much to observe and to talk about. It is certainly the best western IF so far, even better than Gunmute.

The duo wrote this gem and Rover and then somehow disappeared, too bad...
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