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Lovecraftian Masterpiece, March 11, 2009
by Archbaron (Texas)

Anchorhead is a well-developed masterpiece of both prose and gameplay that leaves you thirsty for more horror lore when the game draws to its close. The puzzles are intuitive and pretty straight-forward, but open enough to allow for multiple solutions depending on how you think. The atmosphere is rich and really sucks you into the Gothic ambiance, which amplifies the story's effectiveness tenfold. In addition, the diction is manipulated perfectly to allow for chills to run down your spine and your hands to shake on the keyboard, all tall-tale signs of a good horror experience. However, this game has a few flaws, as stated in other reviews. Near the end of the game, it is very easy to miss a subtle clue or item that can leave the game unbeatable. However, if you save often, you'll be fine, because there's almost always a chance to go back and hunt down the item you need to acquire, or the puzzle you have to solve. I believe this game to be a fine beacon in the genre of interactive horror fiction, and I'm sure most who have played would agree. Even if you do not have experience with Lovecraft, the story is followable and even more intriguing to your "untainted" mind. However, by the end of the game, the vivid terror and sheer depth of the lore involved will leave you inspired to pick up a Lovecraft novel and foster a healthy respect for the horror genre and a desire to divulge yourself more in the spooks and thrill of Lovecraftian masterpieces such as this one.

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