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Like a good horror novella, but more!, May 6, 2022
by V_P

Do you like suspense? Do you like horror? Do you like supernatural mysteries? Are you able to handle some explicit violent scenes, as well as some (non-explicit) references to sexual abuse in the story background? If you answered "yes" to the above, then look no further; this is the game for you.

You'll be treated to excellent writing, a painstakingly detailed world, an atmosphere so immersive that it gets under your skin, characters that you truly care about, and an intricate plot so captivating that you'll forget what real life is.

The map is huge, and every location has details you can interact with. The length of the game is also satisfying. The puzzles are generally good and make sense, though in my opinion there were a couple of exceptions (but I don't want to spoil anything). Some of them have alternative solutions, which also helps. There are unwinnable situations in the game, but if you have any experience in Interactive Fiction then you just need to be careful and you'll avoid those completely.

A must for every self-respecting Interactive Fiction fan.