In a Manor of Speaking

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Surreal / Humor

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An amusing game based entirely on puns with some juvenile humor, February 3, 2016

This game made me smile. You crashland on the island of Calembour and have to explore it to find Handsome and give him a bag.

The whole place is full of puns and silly jokes. For instance, you can walk into a bar (ouch!) or talk to a brick wall. The solution to many puzzles made me laugh or groan. When I finally found out what to do with magic marker, I shook my head and giggled.

There is a lot of dumb juvenile humor, with perhaps too many double entendres, especially about breasts. It reminds me of my friends when I was a fourteen year old boy, so that could be a turn off.

Only recommended for fans of puns.

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Hulk Handsome, March 16, 2016 - Reply
It's funny you say that about juvenile humour, I remember I went out of my way to avoid that except in cases where I make the player think I'm ABOUT to make a juvenile joke, only for it to turn out to be innocent. Then again, I wrote this game a few years ago and I may be forgetting a lot of things!
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