Human Resources Stories

by Harry M. Hardjono

Slice of life

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Not the worst game of all time. MC test as a job interview., April 16, 2016

This game was last place in 1998's IFComp, and has an average rating of 1 star (out of 12 ratings) on ifdb as of this writing.

This game consists of 9 multiple choice questions presented as a job interview. There are several paragraphs of intro, a huge response to XYZZY, and a final score in three categories as well as a salary.

Why was this game so poorly regarded? CYOA in general was looked down upon until Twine and Choice of Games took off. Also, the author has a bitter tone, and includes lines like "That's not how life works" if you try to restart.

But the game is polished. The author spent a great deal of time creating a workable CYOA structure, and it looks good.

The writing is descriptive, and does an excellent job of representing the author's feelings

The game communicates an emotion of frustration, bitterness and helplessness.

However, it is difficult to know how your choices affect the outcomes, and disabled restart is obnoxious. Also, there is not much replay value.