Mushrooms Red As Meat

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Slice of life

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- Simon Deimel (Germany), July 1, 2017

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., September 14, 2016

A sort of unnerving mini twine of a utopian slice-of-life theme. Maybe it was the eye or the act of observing someone's house from afar that felt so surreal? It was odd how relaxing it was but yet dark? You read the vignettes and slowly realize everything is falling apart as you venture around more and peek until eventually your vision is blacked out. It's some sort of metaphor about the shortness of life. But yet everything still feels oddly peaceful and curious even at the end.

pros: nicely drawn graphics and unique game play.
Cons: Some people might find the game play confusing.

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An interesting multimedia experiment with a tiny utopia, April 30, 2016

Entered into the tiny utopia jam, this game presents a series of graphical vignettes, which, when examined, provide details into a beautiful but mysterious woodsy life.

Like most tiny utopias, this is a small, comfortable game. The graphics and sound effects are lovely, but I found the interaction confusing at first.

I appreciated the nature interactions and the innovative interface.

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