Time Traveller

by Conrad Knopf

Time Travel

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classic text adventure, May 7, 2011

Not meaning that this game in particular is a classic, only that the nature of it is typical of what you'd expect in a 1980's-1990's text adventure: 2 word parsing, limited carrying capacity, limited responses.

The biggest pain is when you make a mistake at one point and don't pay for that mistake until much later on in the game. This, coming long after you've saved and overwritten the previous save, then makes the game un-winnable without restarting from scratch.

But as I play this game I'm reminded that this is how these types of games always used to be and I may have gotten a bit spoiled by modern day IF's which tend to move away from puzzles and (in some cases) even being a game at all and try to just tell a story.

In short, frustration is the inevitable result of a challenge and without a challenge there is no real sense of accomplishment. So, once I recover from my current frustrations with my last failure (Spoiler - click to show)If you want to free up inventory, don't just DROP NITRO, apparently the character takes the word DROP far too literally I'll try again.

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AmberShards, May 8, 2011 - Reply
You forgot to mention what the story was about, the characters, the setting, and all those kind of things.
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