Riddle Run

by Hayden


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Something is missing, February 12, 2014
by Simon Deimel (Germany)

Basically this game is a collection of riddles, presented in rhymes. I liked them. I really did, even if I could not find the solution to the second half of the fourth riddle. But the first ones were nice, quite easy, but you had to think about them for a short while.
But something is missing, something which is essential for a good interactive fiction: a story. I can not find much of it, I just know that I am locked in somewhere and have to solve riddles, nothing more. Maybe there will be explanations after the last riddle is solved, but it might be not a good idea to introduce a storyline right before the ending. I would have liked the game better with a background. Why am I there? Why do riddles appear? And who is the unknown riddler? Maybe I am Batman, trapped by the Riddler? It would have been little work to create some scenes around the riddles, just to establish some atmosphere. There could have been more effort to this.

- vociferocity, January 15, 2014

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