The Black Lily

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A dark story of a man and his loves, May 12, 2016

In this game, you play a thin, waifish man who constantly wears all black and is reminiscing in his bedroom.

You explore a variety of vignettes from your past, related to women you had loved. Locations are detailed in loving care, and the writing in this game is quite descriptive.

As a general spoiler, though it's not too hard to figure out early on, (Spoiler - click to show)your character seems to be transgender. As a late spoiler, also not too hard to guess, (Spoiler - click to show)you are a serial killer. These two facts are presented in interesting, allusion ways, but at times the interactivity seems off, especially when wandering the beach for a long time.

It was an interesting game; I'm not sure what I thought about it. There are 7 endings.