Draw Everything You See That's Mine and Yours

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Slice of life

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- Egas, April 26, 2022

- Jinaaa Key, May 22, 2021

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quiet and sweet, September 23, 2019

I really liked this a lot. it's less game and more interactive story, where the links give you snippets of information to flesh out the characters and the protagonist's life, and how they might relate to the current situation

The pacing was good, and I liked that it let you fill in the blanks. If anything, the time skips were a little fuzzy on how much time had passed, but I liked it.

The protagonist was someone I related to a LOT, having similar experiences in my life, and while at times it felt really bittersweet, the ending was hopeful. it's a quick experience, but definitely a satisfying one

- Wanderlust, August 1, 2017

- hoopla, July 12, 2016

- odysseus (Ontario, Canada), November 25, 2014

- Sobol (Russia), November 14, 2014

- PlayfulGhost (Netherworld), July 17, 2014

- Ghalev (Colorado, United States), July 8, 2014

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Great storytelling, July 7, 2014

Consistently good writing, a good plot and pacing. Links were used really well to build up descriptions in a way that didn't depart from the story too far; stories like this demonstrate just how hyperlinks can help build something beyond the limitations of a traditional narrative.

I found the main character really relatable, despite the relatively linear story.

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