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- Edo, December 12, 2021

- Johnny, November 17, 2010

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Buggy and unnecessarily profane, September 16, 2010
by Bernie (Fredericksburg, VA)

Ok, I'm not afraid of profanity. And I don't mind when a game uses profanity to convey the thoughts and actions of a character, even the PC. However, I AM offended when the game's meta-dialogue -- such as the hints -- use profanity. Perhaps the author was attempting to make the meta-dialogue consistent with the voice of the PC, such as in the game Violet. However, I suspect that the snarky bits were probably a reflection of the author's sense of humor.

So let's pass my annoyance off for the moment as my difference in taste. In fairness, the game does warn you from the beginning that it contains adult content and I'm sure that some people will find the game's tone hysterical. I must confess that although I wasn't a fan of being able to choose "Shut it, Grampaw" as a dialog option, I did find the description of Professor Yeboeha so cute that I read it aloud to my husband.

However, from the beginning the game's implementation was frustrating. Upon examining the room, I don't get a list of the professors. Only by examining the professors can I get a recap of who is in the room, and only because the game gives me choices on who to examine. After eating an object, it still appeared in my inventory. After taking an object, it wouldn't show up in my inventory. Another object that I dropped disappeared completely from the room. And when I began an action clued by the game(Spoiler - click to show) (spinning), I ceased to be able to move from room to room.

These bugs made the game completely frustrating and unplayable. The "hint" system contained absolutely no hints about the game, and the download didn't contain a walkthrough. I noticed that someone else gave the game three stars, so apparently someone managed to play through without hitting these troubles. Personally, I recommend finding something else to play.

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- madducks (Indianapolis, Indiana), March 5, 2009

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