Lost Pig

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Fantasy, Humor

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Hard but fun puzzles, thin story, October 23, 2020

My partner and I had a mostly fun time playing this game. The characters are cute in concept, but the general story is underdeveloped (though the 'moral' is pleasing).

The puzzles were definitely clever and challenging. It took us---relative novices---about two hours to play the whole thing, getting just two or three hints. (The hint menu offers tiered hints---we went only two or three in on a single topic.)

Other reviewers seemed to get a kick out of chatting with the gnome, but we weren't so engaged.

We quite liked the "point counter" approach---getting a point was a lovely reward for our struggles! Guessing the first move ((Spoiler - click to show)you could say we followed our nose) set us up with some unrealistic expectations about what else we'd learn. We were disappointed to finish with only 6/7 possible points, though. When we read the corresponding hint, well... maybe we would have gotten that point if we had been more immersed? Or maybe not.