Every Day the Same Dream

by Luis Gonzalez


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Can You Read the Author's Mind?, June 27, 2010
by AmberShards (The Gothic South)

Every Day the Same Dream starts off with a run-on sentence and the main character in his bedroom, apparently late. If you're not enthused by this setup, EDSD may not be the game for you, because it improves only slightly as far as I could tell. If you tough it out, you'll find more grammatical problems, unresponsive NPCs, room exits that aren't described (as in the kitchen), waiting that produces no results when you'd expect it to (breakfast is NEVER served here!), and my favorite: things that happen without the game telling you (such as the elevator door closing). On the bright side, the game has a slight surrealistic feel, but that also serves to make the lack of response to most anything you do even more frustrating.

While this seems to be the author's maiden voyage, EDSD should have been tested by someone other than the author. Maybe time constraints were the reason why. At any rate, in the future I hope that the author allows others to test his game, if only to avoid the stigma of unhappy reviews and low ratings.