Masque of the Last Faeries

by Ian Ball


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>INVENTORY - Paul O'Brian writes about interactive fiction

Yet another entry in the category of "cool idea with lame execution" comp games, The Masque Of The Last Fairies is all the more frustrating for the glimpses of quality visible beneath its very rough exterior.

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A murder mystery wrapped up in a long faery-poem driven gala, July 16, 2017
by MathBrush
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This is an interesting game, with many elements reminiscent of Infocom's Suspect, but much simpler.

You are attending a Faerie masque that a neighbor has thrown; in this masque, everyone has a costume and a role to say.

About half of the game consists of listening to the gala instructions (basically a big cosplay or LARP, all in rhyme), and solving easy riddles. Then it gets harder, and weird.

I liked it, though. It has some layers of mystery that are never unveiled, and which you are left to deduce for yourself, which I was unable to do.

Baf's Guide

Intrigue at a masquerade ball. Interesting concept, hindered by poor implementation--there are lots of characters, but trying to interact with them intelligently is often an adventure, and it's easy to do something out of order and get lost in the plot. There's a play-within-the-game that's entirely in verse; unfortunately, the writing is not glorious. The author gets credit for ambition, since there's a lot going on and the plot comes together in a reasonably interesting way, but the technical details are pretty shaky.

-- Duncan Stevens

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