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A classic adventure from the grue's perspective, August 2, 2021
by MathBrush
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I beta tested this game.

This game is written using the author's own Versificator system, an excellent system built up over many years.

In it, you play as a Grue in a classic adventure. However, you have no interest in murdering adventurers. But you do want to get them out!

The game reverses several parts of classic adventures. Instead of mazes, you move through orderly access tunnels. Instead of finding light sources, you find ways to dim light.

This is a clever reversal and a fun way to play.

The only thing I had trouble with was the overall main mechanic of rescuing adventurers. The puzzle structure is organized in a way where it's hard to know you're making progress until you've figured the whole thing out. But that's mostly a personal reaction and may not apply to others.

I also played this as part of the Seattle IF Meetup and think it's appropriate for group play. We all had a lot of fun!