Sorcière au balcon, apprenti en déraison !

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A little more funny and deep than you might expect, August 5, 2016

(A full review in French is available here.)

The game is very easy and very very short (~5 min, which is normal for a speed-IF), so there is not so much to do; this is why I gave it a low score. However, there are still some good things in it.

Some actions produce random messages which are well written and funny, so you'll do them several time to see all the responses.

The protagonist has more background than you would expect. His life is described in a single paragraph, but a well written one, that manages to create a believable world, even if not original (a mediocre magician is in love with a powerful sorceress and so on).

I think it's still worth playing, because it's so short it'll hardly be a waste of time.