Leap Time

by Sarah Morayati


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Touching and magical. , July 17, 2010

I wish every SpeedIF was constructed with this much care and attention to detail. This game was very surreal, very easy, and very touching. Actually, it may be the best SpeedIF I ever played. But, I'll try not to fawn over it too much and give an one objective opinion. The premise if very original: you're a star getting ready to leap from the moon (hence the title).

Since Leap Time is a SpeedIf, the puzzles are easy, but hardly anyone plays SpeedIF for the puzzles. It's very atmospheric and sweet. Once you get down to earth, you're faced with granting a certain wish to a little girl. There are two ways to do that and there are three endings in total. One ending is heart-wrenching, one is depressing, and one is "happy" (in quotation marks because I felt like there was something important the PC didn't get to do).

Leap Time isn't emotional in the sense that it will make you cry or laugh, but it touched me in that little "aw" kind of way. Play it for a few minutes for its magical sensation, but quit only once you have all three endings. I don't think it's possible to truly appreciate this game without completing it in all three ways. And to help you with the part I myself was most confused about: (Spoiler - click to show)To figure out how to grant the wish, look in the dumpsters or look at yourself.

Leap Time is magical, it's touching, and it just has that I-wish-I-believed-in-fairy tales vibe. As a SpeedIF, it gets a five in my book. I only wish it were a full-length game.