One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish

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Lacks (lots of) implementation, October 31, 2021
by Stephane F. (France)

Almost every action you can try, on every object, has the same response : you can't see such thing.

That's a shame because that apart, the writing is good, the setting inspires curiosity, but the dryness of the game is totally discouraging. Let's hope the author is working on a 2.0 version.

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marrella42, November 1, 2021 - Reply
Thank you for the suggestion, I appreciate the help. I thought this was a very simple, lightweight project, (and more story than game -- written for kids to play at a Halloween party, for which it worked) but from your suggestion I understand that I need to go with either sparse descriptions or add objects to the game for each item in the description (bed, drapes, sconces, paintings, etc) whether relevant for the game or not. Or, maybe I did not cover variations people might type in for the relevant objects? I have descriptions and take actions for the bottles, book, candle, cat, corpse, and grimoire (though I should have added some for the people). None of the other items in room descriptions show up on 'look'. Did I miss something on them? I am a little curious about which commands and objects I need to cover. Take and examine, of course.
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