The Story is a Room

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A box-shaped box, November 17, 2023

Less interactive fiction and more endurance test, The Story is a Room is what happens when you structure an entire game around one action and then force the player to repeat said action ad nauseam. In this case, the player is going to be opening boxes. Lots and lots and lots of boxes.

The real appeal here is the humor. While the writing itself is not overly comical, the act of having to repeatedly open box after box becomes so tedious so fast that the humor is created through wondering what the purpose of it all is.

Unfortunately, that humor is not going to appeal to everyone. The gameplay is very repetitive and the boxes have various sizes, shapes, and descriptions, so simply spamming G over and over is not going to get the job done.

The Story is a Room is certainly unique, but that uniqueness will probably not appeal to a wide audience. If you enjoy absurdist humor, you will probably enjoy this box-opening marathon.

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