A Quiet Evening at Home

by Anonymous


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A Coding Exercise, April 14, 2013

The title made me suspect that this is Yet Another Apartment or House Game.

Then I thought that perhaps the author was playing a Deep Game. Perhaps the author was trying to lure me in. "Mwuhahahaha! I will make 'em all think this is a crappy apartment or house game when in fact it is anything BUT that!" cackled the anonymous author. Yes, perhaps I was just a pawn, falling into anonymous' trap...

What's this? (Spoiler - click to show)Then I started getting persistent and uncapitalized messages about how I really need to unlock my house before i wet my pants?

Yes, this author was playing a very Deep Game.

>unlock door with copper key
You unlock the front door.
gotta go! gotta go!

>pee self
That's not a verb I recognize.

That's not a verb I recognize.

That's not a verb I recognize.

>release urinary sphincter
That's not a verb I recognize.

So, ultimately, this really is just a crappy apartment game, albeit with a twist.

It would really be great if people would stop entering coding exercises into the IF Comp.