Little Blue Men

by Michael S. Gentry profile

Satire, Horror, Science Fiction

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Interesting Ending..., August 14, 2012

I'm going to admit first of all that I had some difficulty completing this game. While it was fascinating, and really quite disturbing, I felt a bit lost at first. Soon, however, I began to get the hang of it, and really, this was quite a well thought-out game.
It was also quite a disturbing game.
This is the first time I've played an office game, and at first I was quite amused by the dialogue, and the reactions to the minor goings-on of office life by the protagonist. As the game went on, though, things get quite a bit more serious...
For fear of spoiling anything, I won't say much about the endings, but... (Spoiler - click to show)The endings quite intrigued me, and I found it quite interesting that, with the exception of one option, the endings were similar, yet unsatisfying until the true end. Very interesting...
Anyway, this was an excellent game, and one I look forward to enjoying at some other time.

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